About me

My name is Artem Frolov, and I'm a software engineer mainly interested in the web development.

I have a degree in Engineering from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, department of Robotics and Complex Automation. I maintain a few of my own software projects, you can find them on my website.

I am a Zend PHP 5.3 certified engineer (ZCE) and an Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5 Developer.

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  • Oheila is an online multiplayer game based on Oh Hell trick-taking card game.
  • FnCalc is a freeware calculator for cell phones, which can work with advanced math and matrix, plot graph, calculate integrals and derivatives.
  • FnTrack is a freeware Java program for mobile phones that displays information about GPS tracks.
  • Chislomerka is a freeware Java program for mobile phones, designed to train numbers addition skills.


  • yii-sass: Sass (SCSS) and Compass support for the Yii 1.x framework
  • yii-livejournal: Working with LiveJournal.com blog posts from Yii 1.x applications