Oheila is an online multiplayer game based on Oh Hell trick-taking card game.

Users can either play with computer or compete with each other.

The game of Oheila explores the idea of taking an exact number of tricks specified by a bid before the hand. The game uses trump.

Oheila can be played with 2-4 players. The game is played using a standard 52-card deck, with ace (A) being the highest rank, two (2) the lowest.


FnCalc is a freeware calculator for cell phones, which can work with advanced math and matrix, plot graph, calculate integrals and derivatives.

Supported functions:

  • exponent (exp)
  • natural logarithm (ln)
  • common logarithm (lg)
  • logarithm (log)
  • exponentiation (pow)
  • square root (sqrt)
  • squaring (sqr)
  • sine (sin)
  • cosine (cos)
  • tangent (tan or tn or tg)
  • cotangent ( ctan or ctn or ctg)
  • arcsine (asin)
  • arccosine (acos)
  • arctangent (atan or atn or atg)
  • hyperbolic sine (sh)
  • hyperbolic cosine (ch)
  • hyperbolic tangent (th)
  • hyperbolic cotangent (cth)
  • hyperbolic secant (sch )
  • hyperbolic cosecant (csch)
  • secant (sc)
  • cosecant (csc)
  • absolute part (abs)
  • integer part (trunc)
  • fractional part (frac)
  • conversion from radians to degrees (todeg)
  • conversion from degrees to radians (torad)
  • Heaviside function (h)
  • Kronecker symbol (Kronecker delta) kron(a, b)


FnTrack is a freeware Java program for mobile phones that displays information about GPS tracks.

FnTrack works with GPS tracks in OziExplorer format (.plt file extension) that can be created by the following programs:

  • SmartComGPS
  • SmartCom Navigator
  • MapViewGPS
  • OziExplorer
  • and others

FnTrack displays the following information:

  • path
  • journey time
  • average speed
  • altitude difference
  • minimum altitude
  • maximum altitude
  • number of points in the track
  • track description
FnTrack is a freeware Java program for mobile phones that displays information about GPS tracks.


Chislomerka is a freeware Java program for mobile phones, designed to train numbers addition skills.

The program allows to specify the number of numbers and capacity of each number. After generation random numbers corresponding to the specified conditions, the user is prompted to sum up these numbers and compare results with the correct answer.

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